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Updated Sept/1/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:I'd really like to get back to makeing the site as great as it can be, which'll start with probley getting some staff, please sign up.

Updated July/7/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:hey! I didn't want ya'll think that I've given up on ther site, just wait till i get done with my pokemon diamond, i beat the elite four...but got beat by the champion, shouldn't be too long.

Updated Jun/9/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:Happy new layout, this is more of a temperary layout,I'll probly end up makeing a remix kinda layout.
Pokemon:I just wanted to brag on my current pokemon team, an Alakazam, a Prinplup, a Richu, and a Blissy (just evolved richu and blissy today)

Updated Jun/4/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:I'm thinking about a black layout with phychic pokemon scattered around.
Pokemon:I think that alot of people could use this, a guide by mewtwo @ pokedream. Just remember, I didn't make it.

Updated May/13/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:Ya Sorry I havn't updated in a long time, I'm planing another new layout.
Pokemon:The real reason I havn't updated in a long time is because I got my pokemon game (Diamond if you must know) and it is really great. So wahn summer starts the site will be reborn, and it'll be really cool.

Updated Apr/22/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:Hello. I might put up some more pages sometime, but the big news is...
Pokemon:Pokemon diamond/pearl came out today, I'm just gonna buy it in the store but my sister pre-ordered it. I'm sure it's gonna be great.

Updated Apr/16/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:I cannot tell a lie, I'm probly going to make a new layout in a little bit, I just might make it a little bit better,with images spreading down the page, and get better images on the page.
Pokemon: So ya, and I heard that there was going to be a pokemon arcade game were you use these poker chip like things to choose and arrange your pokemon which will be a big part of the game.

Updated Apr/8/2007 By Alakazam
SITE:I was looking around other sites, such as suta-raito.com and saw some cool lookin' catagory grouping thingys. Then I was just sitting down and thinking about what I Could do to make the site better and I decided to reveiw games and put a selected review over there to the right.
POKEMON:I'm trying to find out more stuff about all the tricky stuff in pokemon, such as putting together the right combos. I already have put up a nice little section on building a team (see Team Builder) and one of these days, probly when I get through most of D/P, I will work on the Trainer's eyes.

Updated By Alakazam
Believe it or not I have been updateing, specificly the other pages. I've got the layout made for the alternative pages I think I'll change the litte "updated___" box above me. Make it a full box. So ya, I'll do that then read my new Nintendo Power which has a ton of pokemon stuff in it as well as a collectable cover page. And there's plenty of pokemon news... but I'll leave that for the other sites to cover ;)

Updated By Alakazam
Hey. What is up? Like the layout? Had to get rid of some affiliates, as they didn't exist any more. I will likely be working on the site all this next week *yay* their won't be links to other pages other than the home page, exept for the banner, which will link back to the home page so you can choose another link from their. And a little secret between me and the few people that accualy read this stuff, I scrunched up the layout to make it look like I have more content, and it fits on smaller computers without a 1024x768 resolution (my old computer). The chat box has been movedfrom the "extras" bar and was made into a link that can be found under the "Interactive" catagory. I'll update tomorrow, see ya then!

Updated By Alakazam
Hello, my faithful followers! made me a new layout. And, I know I promised more updates, which will happen! I will be working hard to get the new layout up on all the pages (no, really) and then work on the pages themselves.

Updated By Alakazam
Found me another good site to affiliate with mewtwo vs. mew they have a surprisingly good pokedex! I'm hoping to get up the new layout in a bit to, bye.